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What does a Detail include?

    Detailing can be a pretty broad term when it comes to getting your car cleaned. There are multiple ways of getting the old out and making it new. Beginning with the interior, every piece of trash and personal belonging are taken out of the car. We then take out all of the floor mats, carpets, and console pieces. The whole vehicle will then get vacuumed from top to bottom; floors, seats, and trunk. Next, everything (Dashboard, Center Console, Door panels, seats, glove box, and additional compartments) is then steam cleaned and wiped down with interior cleaner. Any stains/spots in the plastic/leather will be removed. The mats, if carpet, are shampooed and extracted. The same is done to the seats. The door jams (the space between the interior and exterior of a vehicle) on all openings of the vehicle are then cleaned. The windows are then wiped inside and out. The outer layer will get coated with rain protection sealant. If your tire pressure is low, it will be filled to the correct pressure.

unnamed (27).jpg
unnamed (20).jpg
Complete Interior
Sedan/ Truck
Van /Suv




Full Vacuum

Full Steam Clean

Carpets/Seats shampooed

Dash/Door panels cleaned

& coated


Door Jams cleaned

Tire pressure

Odor Eliminator application

*price will vary depending on

condition of the vechicle 

Full Detail

*includes interior



Van /Suv




Hand Wash

Iron Remover

Clay-bar Treatment


Wheels & Tires (dressing)

Clean Windows and coat with water repellant

Under-body Rinse

Towel Dried

    When cleaning the outside of the vehicle, the tires and wheels are thoroughly cleaned as a first step. The wheel wells are cleaned and coated. Then the entire exterior is hand-washed top to bottom. Everything is then towel dried to ensure that no water spots accumulate. We then decontaminate the vehicle with iron remover, and clay-bar the paint to get rid of any imperfections. Finally, everything is finished with a full wax. 

unnamed (22).jpg
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

    If you are interested in restoring your paint with a 2-step or 1-step paint correction and ceramic coating , please head over to the contact page and get in touch with us to discuss!



*price will vary depending on

condition of the vechicle 


Head Light Restoration

Chrome Restoration

Plastic/Vinyl Restoration

Water Spot Removal

Engine Bay Detail


Stain Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Chrome Restoration

Plastic/Vinyl Restoration

Water Spot Removal

Cabin Air Filter

Scratch Removal

Headlight Restoration

Head over to contact page to book an appointment

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